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if you say that you don’t like any shitty pop music at all then you’re a liar


who has a crush on me. this is very important i need this for research i am a scientist

you have not experienced true suffering until you have had to hold in a fart for an entire 2 hour yoga class


i used to think that a foot of parchment was a lot and feel bad when harry potter characters were assigned to write that much

but then i realized the paper i write on is 8.5 by 11 inches.

so a foot of parchment is the equivalent of like, a page and a half of paper.

they complained SO MUCH about essays that were like

a page and a half

wtf guys

get your shit together


you know when you accidentally fall asleep for an hour without meaning to

and then you wake up and everything feels ever so slightly off, like you woke up in an alternate dimension?


1/25 best Roseanne scenes → Nightmare on Oak Street

Roseanne Conner: These are a girl’s things, Darlene, as long as a girl is using them. 




grapes are really weird once you take the skin off.

this also applies to humans

#that escalated quickly


a good display of the two types of people in Britain