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I had a dream last night that Jesus finally resurrected and when white people found out he wasn’t white they arrested him for 2000 something years of tax invasion  



I love reading bad reviews of classic books on Amazon and Goodreads


I love reading bad reviews of classic books on Amazon and Goodreads


I’m never beating this game.



is that twilight

yes. yes it is.



(breaks into your house) can i pet your dogs



When Princess Celestia had told her she was going to face her greatest trial ever, Twilight Sparkle had a few ideas about what it could be. Another monster to defeat, another kingdom to save, another threat to all of Equestria to subdue. She’d read all her books—some of them twice—and she’d been sure she was ready for anything.

But not this.

"What are those?” asks Rainbow Dash.

"They’re called people," says Twilight Sparkle. "I was turned into one. Remember, when Sunset Shimmer stole my crown?"

That’s what you were?” asks Dash. “Gross!”

"What’s wrong with them?" asks Rarity.

Twilight looks down at the letter Princess Celestia sent, her jaw dropping further and further as she goes down. “Almost everything,” she says, horrified. “We have a lot to teach them about friendship.”

"Well, what are we waiting for?" asks Applejack. "Everypony pick a people and let’s go!"

"A person," Twilight corrects. "One people is called a person."

"Ooh, I want that one!" says Pinkie, bouncing off, and in seconds, Fluttershy is alone, looking at one of the people.

"Oh, um, hello," says Fluttershy, giving the person a nervous smile. She glances down at Twilight’s list, trying to see which one it is. "You must be Ned Stark’s bastard!"

Jon Snow lets out a resigned sigh, but he doesn’t bother denying it.